After weeks of design and testing Easy Import Auto reveals its mascot: A Custom Wrapped Rolls Royce Ghost.

What does it look like? Hard to describe. Some will tell you razzle dazzle, others GUMBALL STYLE. For the most part, the answer translates into wide eyes, trying in vain to put words on a unique and bold design made in Easy Import Auto.

  • Unique because it proudly takes up the Easy Import Auto colors with the famous Double Arrow in red that stands on the back of the beast.
  • Bold because it’s simply a Rolls Royce! But the challenge is equal to our ambition.

The result:
An elegant and aggressive mix, almost surprisingly disconcerting, but admirable overall, an astonishing look highlighted by the imposing dimension of the car and which doesn’t go unnoticed: All you have to do is get on board and stop at the next traffic light to quickly realize the excitement generated by the sight of this beauty. As you will have understood, we are very proud of our Mascot.


Watch the full video here