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Used American car: find the best deals!

  • Finding a used American car is pretty simple in theory. Whether you’re looking for a recent model or a classic car, the US market is full of bargains at very attractive prices. But in practice, it’s a bit more complicated… To help you find the car of your dreams, here are some useful tips!

    In recent years, there has been a real revival of French passion for vehicles from the United States. And we’re not talking about Tesla, which is a hit with its electric models, but real incarnations of America like the Ford Mustang or the Dodge RAM pickup. If you recognize yourself in these lines, and you want to treat yourself to a beautiful American without breaking the bank, we advise you to opt for a used American car. If you’re not sure where to start, follow the guide.

    Where to find a used American car?

    EASY IMPORT AUTO has been operating in the U.S. automotive market for 17 years. Thanks to this solid experience, the company has forged strong ties with a large majority of automotive dealers in the United States. But most importantly, she knows exactly where to find bargains on the internet.

    If you are looking to buy a classic car, such as a Ford Mustang from the late 1960s, here are our best addresses with offers from professionals and individuals:

    For those who are looking for a recent second-hand model sold by a professional, we recommend these four must-haves:

    You may be wondering where to start your research? We advise you to start by taking a look at eBay. Whether you’re a fan of classic cars, modern pick-ups or the latest muscle cars, this reference platform is full of bargains.

    If you are wondering whether to opt for a professional seller or a private individual, you should know that there is no miracle solution. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

    • The professional seller allows a low-risk purchase, without the need for a complete appraisal of the vehicle.
    • The private seller often displays more attractive prices, but be careful not to be scammed, as they have fewer guarantees.

    Essential checks before buying a used American car

    When buying a used car, you should always ask yourself if it has ever been in an accident, theft, unorthodox repairs, or if it has suffered a natural disaster. As you’d expect, American cars are no exception to the rule. That’s why it’s important to check the background of the vehicle you’re interested in on CARFAX before pulling out the cheque book. For 30 years, this specialist has been collecting data on all U.S. vehicles to help individuals identify hidden defects in them. To call on their expertise, simply go  to the CARFAX website to request a report on the car(s) you are eyeing.

    While the vehicle’s history is essential before purchase, it is also necessary to ensure that the condition of the car is as advertised. And that requires a complete on-site check. It’s not easy when you have to cross the Atlantic! But rest assured, you can ask an import professional like EASY IMPORT AUTO to take care of it for you.

    The ideal solution: go through a professional car import

    As you can see, in practice, buying a used American car is not an easy task. That’s why it’s highly advisable to hire an import pro.

    If you choose EASY IMPORT AUTO and its French-speaking team, you will be able to benefit from support from the vehicle search phase, and throughout the purchase process. This is a significant plus, as you will be able to take advantage of the company’s experience in the US automotive market, as well as its extensive network in the United States. Thanks to its links with many American sellers, EASY IMPORT AUTO promises you a purchase with complete peace of mind, both safe and fast. To make your life even easier, the company takes care of all the exchanges with the seller themselves, paying them directly if they feel it’s a good deal.

    For those who want an even more secure purchase, you should know that EASY IMPORT AUTO offers as an option a complete inspection of the car before purchase. Regardless of where the vehicle is located in the U.S., the company sends experts from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanical network to scrutinize it in detail. Engine, bodywork, paint, leathers, steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system, fluid levels, tires, rims, windshield, windows, lights, electrical system… Everything is scrutinized. The experts also carry out a three-kilometre road test to ensure that the machine is driving as intended. Once the checks are complete, the buyer receives hundreds of photos and videos of the vehicle to ensure that it matches what they are looking for. With all these precautions, it’s hard to make a bad choice!

    How to transport your used American car to Europe?

    If the purchase of a used American car can be done on your own, the help of an import professional is highly recommended for the transport of the vehicle to Europe.

    Choosing EASY IMPORT AUTO to transport your car is the guarantee of unbeatable prices and an import without any unpleasant surprises. But above all, what makes it strong is the total transparency of the price throughout the process. Whether you choose the standard formula or the all-options formula, with home delivery, you will receive a detailed quote with all the services requested from the start.

    No scams, no hidden fees, no paperwork… With EASY IMPORT AUTO, buying a used American car has never been easier!

    How much does it cost exactly?

    When importing an American car, whether it is used or not, there are many fees added to the price of the vehicle. But depending on the model you choose, it will cost you more or less:

    • The customs clearance fee on arrival in France is 10% for a private vehicle.
    • VAT is 20% for any vehicle under 30 years old, but it goes down to 5.5% for older cars, which also benefit from an exemption from import tax. A good reason to treat yourself to a collector’s model!
    • The homologation fees vary depending on the vehicle chosen, but they amount to an average of around 4500 euros. They include, in particular, the technical inspection and the application for registration with the UTAC and the DREAL.

    Be aware that if you go through a professional, completing all these formalities will take you about two months. This is much faster than for an individual, who can spend almost a year to complete all the necessary procedures. This is because commercial importers register several vehicles per week, which allows them to benefit from priority processing. One more reason to call on EASY IMPORT AUTO to offer you a used American car!

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