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USA-France car transport: instructions for use

While the most experienced among you will probably be able to manage on your own to buy a vehicle in the United States, transport to Europe necessarily requires the help of an import professional. To help you better understand this key step, we offer you a step-by-step guide retracing the journey between the USA and France of a car entrusted to Easy Import Auto.

After hours and hours of browsing American car classifieds sites, you’ve finally found the vehicle you’ve been dreaming of at an unbeatable price! All you have to do is pick it up from a private buyer in the depths of Wyoming… Between the repatriation to an American port, the crossing of the Atlantic, the insurance issues and the multiple administrative procedures, I don’t need to tell you that it’s a real Way of the Cross.

To make your life easier, there are professional carriers who take care of everything for you. They ensure from A to Z the transport of your car from the USA to France, with the guarantee of a trip in complete serenity. With Easy Import Auto, you can even request it to be delivered to your door.

Car transport USA-France with Easy Import Auto, it’s easy!

If you use Easy Import Auto to repatriate your car to France, the company goes directly to the seller to carry out the secure collection of the vehicle. It is then deposited at Easy Import Auto’s warehouse in Florida, awaiting loading at the Port of Miami. This service also includes insurance in case of loss, theft, damage, flooding or breakage.

Once the U.S. customs file has been handled by Easy Import Auto, the vehicle is loaded into a container for its long crossing of the Atlantic. A journey between Miami and Le Havre that lasts about 19 days, during which the car is secured and tracked in all its movements by Easy Import Auto. It should be noted that here too, marine insurance covers all the risks inherent in a sea voyage. It amounts to 3.02% of the price of the car.

Upon arrival in France, the vehicle is taken care of by Easy Import Auto. The company will start by inspecting the vehicle, to make sure it has not suffered any damage to the boat. She takes the opportunity to take photos and videos for the client. Once these steps have been completed, the car is unloaded and stored in a secure warehouse in the port of Le Havre.

How to pick up your vehicle when it arrives in France?

In addition to port reception, Easy Import Auto takes care of the mandatory procedures for the import of a vehicle from the United States. This includes, among other things, the customs declaration and the payment of VAT. As a reminder, it amounts to 5.5% for “classic” vehicles over 30 years old, and 20% for others. As for customs fees, corresponding to 10% of the price of the vehicle, they only apply to “modern” vehicles less than 30 years old.

Before you can leave the port of Le Havre at the wheel of your new car, Easy Import Auto must also register it, which necessarily goes through a homologation phase. Indeed, American cars do not comply with European standards, which are much stricter than in the USA. The vehicle will therefore be subjected to a battery of tests and will be subject to compliance. The most common example is replacing the speedometer, so that it displays “km/h” instead of “miles per hour”. All this is carried out by an Easy Import Auto partner based in France, which ensures the homologation of all vehicles imported by the company. If you’re wondering, this long and technical procedure requires a lot of time and patience. But fortunately, by going through Easy Import Auto, you won’t even have to worry about it.

Once all these steps have been validated by Easy Import Auto, you will finally be able to get behind the wheel of your beautiful American car! And if you ever want to save yourself the journey, Easy Import Auto can deliver it right to your door. An optional service for the busiest among you, charged at 0.90 euros per kilometre. If you opt for this turnkey service when making the quote, you will only have to wait about thirty days before the arrival of your new “baby” at home. What more could you ask for?

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