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US pick-up: our advice for importing with complete peace of mind

For pick-up enthusiasts, the American market is a real Eldorado. Thanks to the multitude of models available, there are models combining power, luxury and comfort at very reasonable prices. If you’re wondering how to go about importing the pickup of your dreams, follow our tips.

Rather rare in Europe, pickups have dominated the ranking of best-selling cars in the United States for years. Over there, these behemoths are everywhere. It must be said that beyond their practicality, they have no trouble seducing the most demanding drivers by combining style, power, luxury and comfort. The American market sells several million of them per year, so they abound on US car sales sites.

By using EASY IMPORT AUTO for their import, European pick-up enthusiasts can access this incomparably rich inventory while protecting themselves from any unpleasant surprises. They are guaranteed to import without intermediaries at the best possible price, whether it is a vintage pick-up or a modern model. In addition, they benefit from all the guarantees inherent in the American market, namely a vehicle that is serviced and ready for immediate use. With EASY IMPORT AUTO, all you have to do is select the ads that caught your eye, and the company does the rest. It’s simple, safe, and unbeatable when it comes to price!

The best places to find a pick-up truck for sale

If you are looking for a vintage pick-up or a used model, we recommend these three sites known for their reliability:

For those who want to buy a recent model from a professional seller, we recommend these four must-haves:

A word of advice, start your research by taking a look at eBay. Whatever your desires are, it’s the go-to platform for finding bargains in the United States.

Our tips for buying a pick-up truck

We prefer to warn you, it is very risky to buy a vehicle abroad without the help of a professional available on site. To avoid being scammed, or getting caught up in the administrative formalities, we advise you to call on a company specialized in imports such as EASY IMPORT AUTO.

Based in the United States for 17 years, EASY IMPORT AUTO guarantees you a fast and hassle-free purchase. Its French-speaking team supports you from the search phase, and accompanies you throughout the process, to help you find the rare pearl at the best price.

The other advantage of using EASY IMPORT AUTO is the possibility of carrying out a complete inspection of the pick-up before purchasing.

Importing your pick-up to Europe

Whether or not you have requested EASY IMPORT AUTO’s help with the purchase of your pick-up, the company will take care of importing it into Europe. It starts by repatriating the vehicle by truck to one of its warehouses, then loading it into a container for sea transport.

But the services offered by EASY IMPORT AUTO don’t stop there. The company ensures the follow-up of the pick-up throughout the transport, and takes care of the customs file in the United States. Once the vehicle arrives in France, it takes care of its unloading, storage, as well as the paperwork essential for its customs clearance. As a customer, all you have to do is pick up your pick-up on site… unless you choose the home delivery option.

Before you drive your new toy on European roads, don’t forget to get it homologated. To avoid a long and complex procedure, EASY IMPORT AUTO and its partner offer you a complete homologation service, turnkey, as soon as the vehicle is received in France. The company is responsible for obtaining the registration document, paying the ecological penalty, etc. and all you have to do is pick up your French-language pick-up at the port of Le Havre. Please note that this approval will cost you around 4,500 euros excluding tax.

It should be noted that pick-ups can be imported as commercial vehicles, which allows you to benefit from many discounts for the registration process and obtaining the registration document.

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