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Selling an American car: pitfalls to avoid

If you’re looking for an American car for sale, the best solution is to browse classifieds sites in the United States and Canada. But be very careful, because online scams abound. To make sure your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare, we’ve compiled all the most common pitfalls to avoid for you.

Are you a fan of muscle cars and looking to treat yourself to a beautiful classic Ford Mustang? To get a good deal, you’re going to have to look across the Atlantic. There, you will have every chance of finding THE American car sale that will allow you to make your dream come true. But be careful, because you may also come across a scammer. To help you make a risk-free purchase, we have listed for you the different points on which you will have to be vigilant.

The Different Types of Sellers to Avoid

Our first recommendation is to never buy a car from a company that doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront, that simply has a website without a physical address. Otherwise, you risk dealing with a ghost company. Another way to make sure the company isn’t fraudulent is to check its previous sales, look for evidence that it has already exported vehicles successfully, and that its customers are satisfied.

Also watch out for unscrupulous importers based in Europe, who sell cars on photo. There is a good chance that these vehicles have hidden defects. To be sure, choose a U.S.-based importer like Easy Import Auto. Present on the American market since 2004, the company has mastered its subject, as evidenced by the thousands of exports carried out without a hitch to Europe since its creation. To make sure, take a look at the company’s Facebook page or its Instagram profile.

Finally, be wary of sellers posting ads that are too good to be true. Often, the proposed vehicle is not even in their hands, and all the photos have been stolen from the internet. This type of ad is usually used as bait for buyers, who are then offered other, less attractive models.

Pitfalls to avoid when buying

When buying, never fall for a car if you’ve only seen it in photos, without knowing who the seller is and without having been able  to check its history on Carfax. Not easy when the object of your desire is thousands of miles away from home… That’s why companies like Easy Import Auto take care of the exchanges with the seller, and check the conformity of the vehicle with the advertisement before paying the seller. This is an essential step for a purchase with complete peace of mind. For example, it will prevent you from opting for a car that is totally rotten by corrosion, or worse, for a so-called “salvage” vehicle, which has been in an accident and which could be refused by the UTAC (Union technique de l’automobile et du cycle), a private company charged by the French authorities with carrying out certain technical tests in order tocertify non-compliant imported vehicles. It would be silly to have to leave your new car in the garage…

Some importers may also lie to their customers about the purchase price of the vehicle to make more profits. This is not the case with Easy Import Auto, as it is the customer who is responsible for finding the cars that the company imports into Europe. So there are no surprises in terms of the purchase price, unless of course Easy Import Auto manages to negotiate it down for one reason or another. But customers aren’t going to complain about that!

Pitfalls to avoid when importing

During the import process, be especially vigilant about any incidental expenses. Some companies make you pay for a so-called all-inclusive offer for your beautiful American, but in reality, at the port reception, you realize that the car cannot be registered as it is, that it does not work as expected, or that you have to pay additional taxes. This is not the case with Easy Import Auto, which shows you the actual price from the first quote, without any unpleasant surprises.

Finally, the last thing we advise you to do before taking out the cheque book is to make sure that everything is regulated at the administrative level, so that the vehicle can be imported without any problems. If this is not the case, you may have problems clearing customs in the USA, Canada or France.

To sum up, remember that there is no such thing as the deal of the century. So if an offer seems too good to be true, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with it. To avoid any problems, we therefore advise you to call on a trustworthy professional such as Easy Import Auto. This is the guarantee of a safe purchase.

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