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Q&A: How to live a piece of the American dream behind the wheel of an American

Many of you have told us about your dream of buying an American car. But it is a dream that is often synonymous with fear and apprehension: How to look for another one in the USA, how to check its condition, how to repatriate it etc…

Easy Import Auto gives you the answers to the #10 most frequently asked questions

1- How to search for car ads in the USA?
There are many listing sites out there, and among our favorites:


2- Can you pick up my car anywhere in the USA?
We can repatriate your car from anywhere in the USA to the port of Miami 24/48 hours after payment to the seller.
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3- How much does it cost to repatriate by truck?
It all depends on the area! From €240 for local repatriation, up to €1200 (+) at the other end of the country.

4- What is the most secure payment method?
Internet scams in the car industry are commonplace. The preferred method is still a bank transfer, but be careful, as it is not without risk. Is the seller real? What are your guarantees that you will receive the vehicle?
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5- Can you inspect the vehicle before purchasing?
We can inspect the vehicle anywhere in the USA, and highly recommend it! No one likes unpleasant surprises!
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6- I don’t speak a word of English, can Easy Import Auto take care of the deal for me?
Of course! We contact the seller and verify their identity and the authenticity of the ad. Once the purchase price is confirmed, we pay the seller directly by American cashier’s check: This will protect you legally in case of fraud on the part of the seller (vehicle not available, not in accordance with the advertisement, false documents etc…)
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7- Once the vehicle is at your warehouse, how long can you store it?
Your vehicle is parked in our covered and secure warehouse 24/7. You can store it for as long as you need before you decide to repatriate it to the destination of your choice, at no extra cost!

8- Can I take advantage of this to add spare parts?
You can have your parts delivered directly to our address. Your parcels will be loaded inside your vehicle as much as possible

9- How much does shipping by container to France cost?
Our price has remained unchanged since 2008: Miami Le Havre 1390€ TTC
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10 – Once in France, what will be the fees to pay?
90€ administration fee400€ vehicle unloading feeFor a recent vehicle: 30% tax ( + homologation )For a classic vehicle: 5.5% tax ( no homologation ) read
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