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Importing a Ford Mustang: instructions

From its release in the mid-1960s, the Ford Mustang established itself as the perfect embodiment of the American automotive dream. At the same time sleek, high-performance and affordable, it quickly won over lovers of beautiful sports cars around the world. Today, the most famous of the “Pony Cars” has not aged a bit, and is still the subject of many fantasies. If you too have a soft spot for this legend on wheels, and you want  to import a Ford Mustang to Europe, follow these tips.

What lover of beautiful American women has never dreamed of being behind the wheel of the most famous “Pony Car” of all time? With more than ten million units sold since its birth in 1964, the Ford Mustang is undeniably one of the most legendary cars ever produced. Today, his aura has gone far beyond the sphere of car enthusiasts. We have made countless appearances in cinema, notably in the film “Bullit” with Steve McQueen, but also in French productions such as “Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez” or “Le Marginal”. Ultimate consecration: she even had the right to a song by Serge Gainsbourg, on the album “Initials B.B.” released in 1968.

More than 50 years have passed since its first laps, but the Ford Mustang has lost none of its superbness, and continues to arouse covetousness. If you too have fallen for its inimitable style and exceptional performance, the most affordable solution to treat yourself to this automotive jewel is to buy it across the Atlantic before importing it to Europe. But you still need to know how to go about it…

How do I import a Ford Mustang from the US?

Where to find a Ford Mustang for sale in the USA?

To find THE ultimate Ford Mustang, the easiest way is to browse American classifieds sites.

If you’re looking to get in touch with a professional salesperson who specializes in recent models, here are our top addresses:

For lovers of collector’s models, such as the must-have Mustangs from the 1960s, it is better to choose these three reliable sites bringing together ads from individuals as well as professionals:

A little tip: start your search with eBay! The famous sales platform is a veritable Ali Baba’s cave for lovers of beautiful American women. You will find all possible and imaginable models, sold by professionals as well as individuals.

Essential checks before purchase

If you have opted for a used Ford Mustang, you will have to check if it has already been the subject of an accident, questionable repairs, theft, or damage caused by a natural disaster. This will save you a lot of unpleasant surprises later on. To do this, it is essential to check the car’s history on CARFAX, which has been collecting data on all U.S. vehicles for 30 years. To take advantage of this expertise, go  to the CARFAX website to request a detailed report on the Mustang that caught your eye.

Once you have made sure that your crush does not contain hidden defects, you will have to check that it complies with the ad posted online. A step that requires a complete on-site inspection of the vehicle. To save you from crossing the Atlantic, you can call on a car import expert like EASY IMPORT AUTO. Regardless of where the car is located in the United States, the company will send experts to the site to sift through your Ford Mustang and conduct a test drive. When you’re about to spend thousands of euros on a racing legend, it’s best to be careful.

How to import your Ford Mustang to Europe?

To transport your Ford Mustang from the United States to Europe, you are bound to need the help of an import professional.

If you opt for EASY IMPORT AUTO, you will receive a detailed quote with all the services requested from the start. Whether you opt for the standard package or the all-options pack with home delivery, the price will never change during the purchase process. To guarantee you this transparent price, as well as fast and secure transport, EASY IMPORT AUTO relies on its long experience in the American market and the transport of vehicles by containers.

EASY IMPORT AUTO will also be of great help to you to overcome all the administrative procedures that are essential when buying a car in the USA. In particular, the company will take care of obtaining the certificate of customs clearance of the car (customs fees, payment of the import tax). This document is essential to subsequently register the vehicle in Europe.

Once you have taken delivery of your Ford Mustang, you will need to homologate it, as it was not designed to meet European standards. It will therefore have to undergo some modifications, such as changing the speedometer, so that it displays km/h and not “miles per hour”. If you prefer to avoid this long and technical procedure, you can once again take advantage of the services of EASY IMPORT AUTO. To make your life easier, the company offers a complete homologation service.

Importing a Ford Mustang from Canada

Where to find a Ford Mustang for sale in Canada?

Haven’t been seduced by the Ford Mustangs available in the United States? Don’t despair, you can always try your luck in the Canadian market, which is full of American cars for sale.

If you want to deal with a professional seller, we recommend these two platforms with a well-established reputation:

To find what you are looking for in Canada, there are also trusted sites offering offers from both professionals and individuals. Don’t hesitate to browse the Facebook Marketplace, it’s probably the best place to find a Ford Mustang in Canada:

For the rest of the process, you can pick up on our tips for importing a Ford Mustang from the US. Here again, you can call on the French-speaking teams of EASY IMPORT AUTO to assist you during the purchase and transport of the vehicle. Indeed, the company also has a branch in Montreal, Quebec. Practice!

How much does it cost to import a Ford Mustang to France?

Importer Ford Mustang ancienne moderne

To give you an idea of the bill that awaits you, let’s take the example of importing a 1966 Ford Mustang into France with EASY IMPORT AUTO.

Purchase price from the US seller: 12,096 euros

    • Exchanges with the seller, purchase and verification: 350 euros
    • Repatriation by truck to the warehouse in Miami: 998 euros
    • Sea transport by container: 1390 euros
    • Insurance (3.02% purchase value): 365 euros
    • On-site technical expertise (optional): €600
    • Availability in the warehouse in Le Havre: 400 euros
    • Customs file: 90 euros
    • Import taxes (5.5%): 665 euros

Total including all import fees and taxes: €16,954

Please note that for classic cars, an amount of 110 euros must be added to this invoice. It corresponds to the costs of the FFVE (French Federation of Vintage Vehicles) file, which is essential for registration. And for those who would opt for home delivery, you should know that it is done by quote for a cost of 0.90 cents per kilometer.

If you want to know the exact amount of the import into Europe of the Ford Mustang of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact the EASY IMPORT AUTO teams. You will receive a free quote, within 48 hours maximum, with a price proposal that defies all competition.

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