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Importing a car from the USA: our advice for successful transport

To get a beautiful American car at the best price, there are no 36 solutions: you have to import a car from the USA. To ensure your future car has a trouble-free journey and recover it in perfect condition, follow our valuable advice.

After weeks of intense searching, you’ve finally acquired the car of your dreams on the American market. But his journey has only just begun: he now has to cross the Atlantic.

Unless you’re an expert in the field, or you can rely on a strong network in the United States, you’re going to need professional help. But beware of scammers, as they abound in the US car market. To ensure that your car is imported from the USA with complete peace of mind, here are some tips that will be very useful to you.

Use a trusted importer based in the USA

The choice of importer is crucial for the rest of the operations. He is the one who will take care of your new vehicle throughout its transport to Europe, and who will vouch in case of problems. He is also the one who will be able to make sure that the car complies with the ad and does not have any hidden defects.

By using a trusted U.S.-based importer like Easy Import Auto, you’ll be able to rest easy while waiting for your vehicle to arrive. With its long experience in the American market, the company guarantees you a car import from the USA without any worries. To ensure this, it carries out all the steps of the import in-house. This helps to respect the supply chain and secure the transaction of the vehicle.

Thanks to its experts, Easy Import Auto will start by inspecting the vehicle from every angle, before putting it through a series of tests. Once this inspection is completed, the company will repatriate the vehicle by truck to one of its warehouses. It will then load it into a container for sea transport. Please note that Easy Import Auto offers insurance for all the risks inherent in a sea trip.

Delegate paperwork

You may have some time to kill, but if you don’t, you are advised to delegate all administrative procedures to the importer you have chosen. By opting for Easy Import Auto, you won’t have to do anything. The company takes care of all the administrative paperwork required for customs clearance and homologation of your car.

In practice, Easy Import Auto takes care of the customs file, as well as the payment of the import tax. These two steps are essential to be able to pick up your new vehicle. But they are not enough to get permission to drive in Europe with your beautiful American. To do this, it will have to be homologated.

Get expert help with the homologation process

The homologation procedure is a mandatory step for all cars purchased in the United States, as the rules in force across the Atlantic do not correspond to ours. To comply with local standards, it will therefore be necessary to carry out some revisions.

One of the most symbolic changes is the change of the speedometer, so that it shows km/h instead of “miles per hour”. However, for some vehicles, the homologation procedure requires in-depth revisions. For the uninitiated, this stage can very quickly resemble a Way of the Cross.

To save you any headaches, Easy Import Auto offers a full homologation service for all the vehicles it imports from the USA. Not only will this save you a lot of trouble, but it will also speed up the process. By getting the support of Easy Import Auto, all these formalities will be taken care of in about two months, while individuals have to wait almost a year before being able to get behind the wheel of their vehicle. The reason is simple: professionals register several vehicles per week, which allows them to be treated as a priority.

As you can see, if you want to import a car from the USA without any problems, it is better to call on a professional like Easy Import Auto to support you throughout the procedure. What’s more, if you call on us, you can even opt for home delivery!

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