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DeLorean DMC12 imported from the future – EP#03 – Easy Import Vlog

With only 9,000 units produced, the Delorean is an extremely difficult vehicle to find. Easy import auto invites you to embark on a journey back in time to discover a collector’s item made mythical with the Back to the Future saga. Yes, it’s the famous time machine, the DeLorean DMC12. A third episode of the hit Vlog Easy Import, presented by Jeremy Deray.

And this isn’t the first DeLorean Easy Import Auto has imported. Indeed, we were lucky enough to be mandated to buy and transport a 1981 DeLorean with only 18 miles on the clock!

  • The DeLorean

    Almost 40 years ago, the first examples of a now legendary car left the factories: the DeLorean. Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling through time with Marty McFly and the “Doc”? Although known to the general public mainly thanks to the movie Back to the Future, the DeLorean is above all the story of a car ahead of its time. It’s the dream of a man who already wanted to create the car of tomorrow back then.

    In 1975, John DeLorean founded the DeLorean Motor Company.  His wish was to create a safe and low-emission car. He therefore opted for a V6 PRV engine (Peugeot Renault Volvo). Its very angular line was designed by the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. The latter was inspired by the Mercedes 300-SL for the gullwing doors. Its designer has also incorporated cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the car’s safety and performance. These are the same technologies that we find in our vehicles today.

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