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Choosing the right American car importer

Thanks to the many search engines available on the Internet, anyone can afford a beautiful American in just a few clicks. But scams are common, and once the purchase has been made, it is still necessary to transport the vehicle to its destination. And that’s another story! To avoid the many traps set for enthusiasts, and to identify the criteria that distinguish good professionals from scammers, it is better to call on a specialized company. Here are our tips for choosing an American car importer.

That’s it! After years of hesitation, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge: you’ve fallen for the American car of your dreams. But the most complex part is yet to come, namely to repatriate the vehicle to France. Indeed, unless you are a specialist in the sector, importing a car from the United States to France is a real headache. Between transport costs, customs duties, approval procedures, and other administrative and logistical joys, the process can very quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why we strongly recommend that you use a specialized company. But then again, scammers are legion. To avoid unpleasant surprises and stress peaks, we have prepared some recommendations so that you have all the elements in hand to choose an American car importer.

Pitfalls to avoid when choosing an American car importer

When you’re starting to import a vehicle from the U.S., our main advice is to be extra vigilant. The U.S. car market is the largest in the world, and therefore the most prone to scams of all kinds.

Many import companies that present themselves as trusted players are in reality just Internet showcases with no guarantee of a successful import. You’ll recognize them quite easily, as they usually feature beautiful selections of cars that have no other purpose than to lure the customer. But behind this beautiful façade, there is nothingness. No physical address, no phone number, very little information about the company… In short, nothing that can prove the legitimacy of the importer. If you come across this kind of provider, run away!

The risks when you come across a malicious importer are numerous. This ranges from bogus vehicle expertise to disguised rust, from damaged cars that have been repaired to endless delivery times. Sometimes, the car is not even able to pass the technical control in France … Admit that it’s infuriating when you’ve paid several thousand euros and waited months to get behind the wheel, not to mention the risks to your physical integrity!

To help you avoid the traps set by scammers, here are some clues that will help you identify suspicious ads:

  • A price too low: if the deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with it.
  • The impossibility of reaching the seller by phone: when you pay several thousand euros to buy an American car, the least you can do is to be able to talk to the seller in person. If you’re told they’re out of town, or unavailable to talk to you, be suspicious.
  • The proposal to include import fees in the price of the car: this type of request demonstrates the seller’s desire to make the transaction as opaque as possible. It’s never a good sign…

Criteria to take into account when choosing an American car importer

Luckily, in the midst of scammers, there are trusted actors to import a car from the United States. But it is still necessary to know the criteria to be taken into account to identify them…

The first piece of advice we give you is to choose a French-speaking company based in the United States. If you use EASY IMPORT AUTO for example, you can ask them to deal directly with the seller on your behalf. This will prevent you from misunderstanding, especially if you are not very fluent in English. And if you wish, EASY IMPORT AUTO can even send its own experts to check the vehicle’s compliance with the ad. This is the advantage of dealing with a trusted company based in the USA that is available five days a week for its customers.

Once you’ve identified an importer who seems worthy of your trust, make sure they have a real physical address. To do this, you can start by doing some Google searches. Make sure that the company address is not registered under the name of another company. Indeed, it is common for scammers to use the address of a legitimate company to better disguise their shenanigans. Also take a look at Google Maps to make sure that the address given does not correspond to a vacant lot or a business that has nothing to do with car imports. If you have the slightest doubt, move on. Only deal with brick-and-mortar companies that have a proven track record over many years and have hundreds of photos or videos to share with you to prove it.

Another crucial criterion to consider when choosing a U.S. car importer is to ensure that they do not outsource most, if not all, of their activities. Indeed, this type of behavior inevitably leads to a lack of control on their part, which can be detrimental to the buyer. Who would trust a company that doesn’t personally oversee all the steps of the vehicle’s import? At EASY IMPORT AUTO, there is no subcontracting, and therefore no risk of unpleasant surprises throughout the process.

Another tip: pay close attention to hidden fees! When we use a service provider to assist us in importing a vehicle from the United States, the buyer has the right, and even the duty, to demand complete transparency from the importer. They need to know from the outset how much it will cost them to buy the vehicle of their dreams, from the seller’s garage to their home. If you go through an established company like EASY IMPORT AUTO for example, you will benefit from completely transparent rates from the start. You will be guaranteed to pay for your car at the American market price thanks to constant support. It’s simple, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to have to pay for transport, various taxes, the options chosen… In short, everything must be crystal clear, and not only in terms of price: to ensure that the vehicle meets your expectations, also ask for photos of the car from all angles, as well as videos of road tests. With this, you won’t risk being fooled!

Finally, we also suggest that you check the reviews left by customers about the importer. But again, be very careful, because fake reviews abound on the web. To ensure the legitimacy of an import company, we advise you to browse specialized forums in order to chat with real customers. Cross-check the various comments to determine if you are willing to do business with a particular provider. You can never be too careful…

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