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Carfax: the bible of American cars for sale

Before buying an American car in the United States or Canada, it is best to find out about its history in order to avoid possible hidden defects. For this, there is a very practical tool called Carfax. Accidents, technical inspections, vehicle sales, number of owners, manufacturer recalls… This database of billions of events lists all the milestones in a vehicle’s life. Without further ado, we offer you a zoom on Carfax, the bible of American cars for sale.

It may seem surprising, but a considerable proportion of used American cars imported into Europe from the United States have a negative history. Some specialists in the sector even put forward a figure of more than 60%! In these conditions, you don’t need to be convinced that a detailed inspection is necessary before importing a car worth tens of thousands of dollars into Europe. A check that begins with a review of the vehicle’s Carfax report .

Carfax Protects U.S. Car Buyers

Established in 1984, Carfax is considered the go-to provider of independent vehicle histories. Every day, it adds to a huge database of all the life stages of every car sold in the U.S. and Canada. How? By cross-referencing data from state agencies, police and fire department reports, or garages or other repair shops. But be careful, you should know that Carfax is only really relevant for modern vehicles sold from around 2000. This is because older data is not always up to date. So if you want to treat yourself to  a 1960s Mustang, or a magnificent vintage Cadillac, forget about this tool and seek the help of a specialist like Easy Import Auto.

In practice, when you want to buy a U.S. car, you have to apply for a Carfax report beforehand. An operation that costs about forty euros for a single vehicle, and about 57 euros for a set of five different models. But in reality, it’s often the seller who provides the report. The reason is simple: it allows him to demonstrate his good faith.

Carfax’s goal is to protect buyers, assuring them that they are not going to buy a vehicle full of defects, a car with hidden defects that will only bring them problems. Even more importantly, it helps ensure that a car hasn’t been in an accident, flooded, or tampered with. Indeed, sometimes a salesperson hides a hang-up under a coat of paint, disguises a theft or manipulates the odometer. In these situations, asking for a Carfax check before taking out the checkbook can save you a lot of trouble. In addition, the report lists all service and maintenance interventions during the life of a vehicle, indicating the date and location of each operation, as well as the service performed. Every oil change, every tire change, every windshield wiper replacement… everything is neatly inscribed on it.

Beyond the maintenance history and possible accidents, the Carfax report offers a wealth of useful information when buying a vehicle. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • The exact age of the vehicle
  • Its complete features
  • Number of owners
  • Its mileage history
  • Whether or not to deploy its airbags
  • A possible manufacturer’s recall

Carfax, an essential but insufficient step

Every U.S. vehicle imported into Europe with Easy Import Auto is subject to a Carfax check. But as you’d expect, it’s not an indisputable guarantee that the car you’ve got in your sights is free of defects. Indeed, he may very well have suffered an unreported accident, if the owner is in cahoots with a mechanic for example. That’s why each vehicle undergoes a detailed inspection by the experts at Easy Import Auto. They will put it through a whole battery of tests to ensure that it is working properly, and to track down any hidden defects. By taking all these precautions, the risk is minimal for the buyer, who will be able to accurately assess the value of the car he is eyeing. In addition, it will allow it to ensure that it can be homologated without any problem once on European soil.

The Carfax report is just one step in the process of importing a U.S. vehicle into Europe. Between the purchase procedure, the repatriation of the car by truck, the loading into a container for maritime transport, the reception of the vehicle in Europe, its customs clearance… Dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. So if you’re short on time, don’t want to get into trouble, or just don’t want to bother, Easy Import Auto takes care of everything. With its expertise and network that extends throughout North America, the company allows you to obtain a turnkey file. You can even request that your new car be delivered to your home!

In short, if you choose Easy Import Auto to make your dream of owning a beautiful American car come true, the Carfax report will be the least of your worries. Indeed, Easy Import Auto takes care of everything, and protects its customers throughout their acquisition. But most importantly, the company makes sure that they buy the best vehicle at the best possible price. And that’s a real bargain, because it’s not easy to get a good deal when you buy a car that’s thousands of miles away on the other side of the Atlantic. With its French-speaking teams and its headquarters based in Miami, Easy Import Auto works directly from the United States, all without intermediaries. This is the guarantee of a meticulous service and total satisfaction on the part of the buyers.

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