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Car transport from Canada to Europe: the complete guide

Whatever your reason for importing a car from Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is a move or the purchase of a vehicle across the Atlantic, we offer you a detailed overview of all the steps necessary to transport your car from Canada to Europe.

Like the United States, the Canadian market is full of good deals in the automotive department. It’s a veritable gold mine for fans of muscle cars, pick-ups, and other typical North American vehicles. Models that are very rarely encountered on European roads. It is therefore not surprising that lovers of beautiful American cars and unusual cars do their shopping there. But once the rare pearl is found, the question of transporting the car from Canada to Europe arises…

Whether it is as part of a move, or whether it involves importing a car purchased on the Canadian market, the procedure for transporting a car from Canada to Europe is identical. The only difference is in taxes. Indeed, if a person has owned a car for more than six months, and has resided in Canada for more than twelve months, they can benefit from a 30% exemption on taxes related to the receipt of the vehicle. A very attractive discount for Canadians who plan to settle in Europe by taking their car with them.

Entrust car transport from Canada to Europe to a professional

Unless you are an expert in the field, and can rely on a trusted network in Canada, you will need the help of a professional importer to transport your car from Canada to Europe. Not only will he be able to inspect the vehicle directly on site, but he will also take care of negotiating the fairest price with the seller, and ensuring all the logistics so that you can collect your vehicle in Europe in impeccable condition.

If you use Easy Import Auto, a specialist in car removals from Canada to Europe, you will not have to do anything throughout the procedure. Established on the North American market since 2004, the company guarantees all its customers transparent prices and constant support. She also strives to carry out the entire import process in-house to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


By calling on Easy Import Auto, you have the assurance that your vehicle will be given the utmost care throughout its journey. The company ensures that all stages of the procedure are as secure as possible.

The first step is to pick up the car from the seller. No matter where it is in Canada, the experts from Easy Import Auto will go there, even if it requires going deep into the Canadian wild west. They can therefore carry out a detailed inspection of the vehicle, to ensure that it perfectly conforms to the advertisement. Only under this condition will Easy Import Auto proceed with payment to the seller. As part of a move, the company will simply pick up your car from your home in Canada.

The second step is the transport of your car to the Easy Import Auto warehouse at the port of Montreal. To avoid any damage during truck travel, each vehicle is placed in an individual container where it is securely secured. Once he arrives in Montreal, he waits quietly in the Easy Import Auto warehouse before being loaded onto a ship for the Atlantic crossing.

The third stage is that of receiving the vehicle upon its arrival in Europe. Here again, Easy Import Auto takes care of everything. She checks that the car has not suffered damage during the Atlantic crossing, and stores it in her warehouse while waiting for its owner to come and collect it. Please note that the company offers an optional service for home delivery of the vehicle. It is charged 0.90 euros per kilometer between the port of receipt and the customer’s address.

In order to cover any eventuality, it is important to emphasize that Easy Import takes out all the essential insurance so that the vehicle is covered at each stage of its journey.

Administrative procedures

As you will have understood, calling on an import professional is strongly recommended so that car transport from Canada to Europe takes place with complete peace of mind. But that’s not all… This valuable help also allows you to avoid all the paperwork necessary for the vehicle to be authorized to use European roads.

As part of a move, Easy Import Auto begins by taking the necessary steps so that their customers benefit from the tax exemptions to which they are entitled.

The company will also take care of the procedures for obtaining the vehicle’s customs clearance certificate (customs fees and payment of the import tax). This document will subsequently be requested to obtain registration of the car in Europe.

For individuals, be aware that approval can quickly turn into a nightmare. This is why Easy Import Auto offers all its customers to take care of it. The company offers a comprehensive certification service that will save you a lot of time and trouble. This includes all modifications to vehicle elements that do not comply with European rules, as well as tests at UTAC (Technical Union of Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle), technical control, inspection by DRIEE (Directorate Regional and Interdepartmental of the Environment, Planning and Transport) or the DREAL (Regional Directorate of the Environment, Planning and Housing), and reception on an isolated basis (RTI).

Once all these steps have been completed, you will receive a certificate lasting four months which will authorize you to drive on European roads with your car imported from Canada. During this period, it will be adorned with temporary WW number plates. To obtain the definitive registration document, you will still have to fulfill a few obligations. You will need to present the vehicle purchase invoice, its customs clearance certificate, the registration certificate application, the Canadian registration certificate, an identity document, proof of address, a copy of your driving license, an insurance certificate and the RTI report.

With all this information in mind, there is no need to convince yourself to call on an import expert to support you in your approach. This will save you a lot of hassle. One last piece of advice: whatever importer you choose, be sure to always use a professional based locally in Canada.

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