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Car importer in Canada: how to choose?

If you can’t find your dream car on the U.S. car market, don’t despair: you can also import a car from Canada. You can find pretty much the same models as in the United States, at just as good prices. But you still need to choose a good importer. Here are our tips for finding the rare pearl.

It’s too often forgotten, but the Canadian car market has little to envy to that of its American neighbour. You can find pretty much the same vehicles, and at comparable prices. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the US market to find the beautiful American of your dreams. But once you’ve found the rare gem, you still need to find a good car importer in Canada.


A Canadian-based car importer

The first piece of advice we give you is to opt for a professional based in Canada. It seems obvious, if only to carry out the necessary checks before buying, but many importers offer their services even though they are established in Europe.

By choosing a car importer in Canada, you will be able to request a full inspection of the vehicle before purchase. This will save you from many unpleasant surprises, starting with hidden defects or repairs carried out in a hurry. You will also be able to benefit from its services to be exempt from local taxes in Canada, as it is impossible to do so remotely.

If you go through Easy Import Auto for example, the company will start by verifying the identity of the seller, to make sure it is serious. It will then proceed to check the official documents, as well as inspect its history on Carfax Canada. Once these formalities have been completed, the experts dispatched to the site by the company will carry out a detailed inspection of the vehicle.

Condition of the bodywork, presence of rust (a common evil in Canada due to the weather), condition of the tires, history of damage or accidents… Nothing is left to chance. The experts at Easy Import Auto even go so far as to carry out a road test drive to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition for driving. It is only after all these verifications that the company will proceed with the payment, before repatriating the car to its warehouse in Quebec. Easy Import Auto will then store it free of charge for a period of 30 days, the time it takes to cross the Atlantic.


An importer who is transparent about its prices

Another very important piece of advice: choose an importer who is transparent about their rates, as some do not hesitate to take advantage of the gullibility of some customers to add fees throughout the procedure.

If you deal with a trusted importer like Easy Import Auto, you won’t have to pay anything more than what is stated in the initial quote, regardless of the ups and downs your vehicle goes through throughout the journey. Easy Import Auto does not use any intermediaries who can inflate the bill, and guarantees a price with no hidden fees or commissions.

To compare the seriousness of each importer, the best solution is to scour specialized forums. You will find the opinions of enthusiasts, feedback from satisfied or dissatisfied customers, as well as advice of all kinds to find the rare pearl. And if you can’t find the answer to your questions, you can always ask for feedback from attendees. To take it a step further, you can also do some research on social media, to make sure you’re making the best choice.


An importer who takes care of his customers

If you hire a car importer in Canada worthy of the name, they won’t just transport your vehicle to your destination. They will offer you their services throughout the import procedure.

By choosing Easy Import Auto, you will have access to a whole range of services designed to make your life easier. Of course, it starts with the essential checks before buying, but it’s not just about that…

Easy Import Auto, for example, offers insurance to protect against any accident during transport, reception of the vehicle at the port of arrival or unloading. The company also takes care of all customs clearance procedures, which can quickly drag on when you don’t go through an import professional.

More generally, when you make your choice, make sure to call on an importer who listens to you. At Easy Import Auto, we do everything we can to ensure that our customers are satisfied, in particular by offering à la carte services. For example, some customers opt for home delivery of their vehicle, while others choose to delegate the tedious homologation process to the company. Whatever your desires, Easy Import Auto will do everything to fulfill them. So don’t hesitate to contact us, or ask for a quote on our dedicated page.

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