Questions & Answers to understand who we are and how we ship vehicles worldwide

Other websites offer vehicle transportation from the US, what to expect? And why choose EASY IMPORT AUTO?

The car transport industry is complex worldwide, and even more so in the USA where the volume of export is important.
So beware of virtual companies offering this service via outsourcing and a simple attractive website…
Too often, these companies have no expertise in logistics and above all do not hold a compulsory license to perform this business.
They ultimately have no control over the goods, their purpose being to sell transport and receive a commission via the subcontractor.
It is therefore essential to thoroughly inquire about the mandated company. (Where exactly is it physically located, does it own a closed warehouse, a staff, the loading dock?
-> Do not hesitate to move if you can! The stake is too important because, to mandate a transport company, it is to entrust the entirety of your car / motorcycle, with the title of property!
Here are some recent facts listed by client victims of these companies;
– Vehicles stay outside, on car parks accessible to all, without insurance. Losses and theft can occur.
-Some companies can transport vehicles without seeing them.
-The vehicles are not inspected before containerization. No follow-up BEFORE and DURING shipping.
-The prices shown hide many hidden charges.
-The dates of arrival announced at destination are not respected.

EASY IMPORT AUTO offers you:
– An EXPERTISE that is priceless and management controlled from end to end, INTERNALLY, without flaws.
– A reliable partner for the complete management of your project, from the seller’s contact to the home delivery.
– No outsourcing and unparalleled availability.
– Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be stored in our secure, closed and covered warehouse.
– Your vehicle will be handled with care with respect to safety procedures.

I found cheaper than you, but there is a ferry transport called RO / RO.

Even though we could offer you the mode of transport by ferry (Roll On / Roll Off), we recommend to opt for a secure transport in container.
Indeed, vehicles are not safe like in a closed container and dry. These will suffer the vagaries of the weather as well as the corrosion caused by the seawater.
In addition, vehicles are repeatedly driven and moved by several stakeholders.
Finally, it is impossible to have extra accessories in your vehicle.

What does your “Research Pack” include?

This pack is intended for customers who are anxious to find the ideal vehicle with the maximum guarantees as to its condition and price.
Our pack offers an unlimited amount of proposals and above all, a single commission of 550 euros for research / purchase / and overall management until delivery of the car to your door.

Who manages the contact with the seller before transport?

EASY IMPORT AUTO will assist you from the start by contacting the seller by phone to explain the process.
We will also ensure the compliance of the documents and can even organize the transaction (if desired) and then the logistics.

What is the VAT on a vintage vehicle? And a recent vehicle?

After many changes in the legal texts, it is officially confirmed that from 1 January 2014, any car considered as a “collection vehicle” (30 years and +) will benefit from the reduced 5.5% VAT (always 0% customs).
For a recent car, it will take 20% VAT + 10% customs duties.

Under what conditions is my vehicle considered “Collection”? Can I be denied this status?

Unless you submit a vehicle which is completely modified from the original version, it is almost impossible to be denied collection status.
The vehicle must be purchased with its original juice.
Restorations and improvements are not a problem. (Rims, painting, engine updates, etc. …)
On the other hand, an HOT ROD vacuum exhaust, painting “flames”, GPS and other advanced sound systems are strongly discouraged.

I will not be able to pick up my vehicle in person at the freight forwarder in Le Havre.

EASY IMPORT AUTO can perform all European import formalities on your behalf via the forwarder if desired.
(VAT, customs, provision of the vehicle)
It is not necessary or mandatory to appear in person.
– We also transport your vehicle, from the forwarder to your address, anywhere in France.
This service will be charged extra. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quote.

When should I pay for the transportation of my vehicle?

Upon receipt and after acceptance of your Pro-forma contract, it is always preferable to pay as soon as possible.
However, you have until the receipt of your vehicle at the freight forwarder to pay your bill.
No vehicle can be released without full payment of your logistic invoice.

When and how do I pay customs and VAT?

Upon receipt of the container in France, our forwarder will unload your vehicle as soon as conditions permit.
The forwarder will contact you in advance to initiate the administrative procedures.
You will have to provide the following documents:
1 / Bill of Sale, “Purchase Order” or “Invoice”
2 / Logistics Invoice (invoice EASY IMPORT AUTO)
The taxes to be paid will be based on the purchase price of the vehicle and the price of the transport.
Please contact us for personalized answers or if you have any questions regarding the optimization of the tax payable.

I have parts to buy with my car. Could you help me?

Our customers buy cars called “Wrecks” or “Project cars” and wish to buy auto parts to restore them.
We will draw together the parts list (very large) to procure and buy them for you. These will be carefully arranged in the trunk of your car or in the container if necessary.

I do not speak English. Can you help me in French?

We have a French speaking team within the company so you do not have a language barrier.
We also speak Russian, Spanish and of course English.

How do you repatriate the car from the seller?

There are 3 repatriation methods for vehicles or motorcycles;
– The vehicle will be loaded in a specialized truck with a capacity of 1 to 6 cars. This type of truck is generally used for “long haul” transport.
– For small displacements, we will use a “plateau” which will transport the vehicle alone.
– For the top-of-the-range, or new, convertible vehicles, we will use a closed truck, in other words, sheltered from view and elements. This type of transport is certainly more expensive but will guarantee a VIP treatment.
For transports of SEMI and other CARAVANS, which are almost impossible to transport, we will hire a specialized Professional driver to drive them in the best conditions.

How is your team formed?

Our team is made up as follows:
– A commercial center by region in the world. We cover most of Europe, part of South America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.
– An administrative service. (Composed of a French-speaking person)
– Warehouse manager for receptions and warehouse management.
– A handling team.
– The General Manager for the global supervision of operations.

A freight forwarder based in France proposes to transport my car from the USA, is this normal? Is it worth it for me rather than going through EASY IMPORT AUTO?

It is important to separate the expertise of each.
In the world of transport / international trade (commonly known as IMPORT / EXPORT), two actors organize Global Logistics; the transport company and the freight forwarder.
The role of the freight forwarder, who has an infrastructure in France only, is to receive the goods.
Transport management from the outset is 100% independent of its reception service at the port.
A freight forwarder who offers transportation from the USA is therefore an intermediary who processes the logistics service with another transport company.
Warning: Many freight forwarders have no infrastructure in France and operate from a remote office.

I found cheaper than you, do you have an explanation?

No! However, we will be able to compare the service offered.
Do not hesitate to send us your estimate.
Note also that in the area of service, especially in transportation, you will always find cheaper.
The question to ask is: “For what quality of service and what conditions are you paying less?

How are you managing to offer such low rates?

The rate of our Booking of containers with shipping companies allows us to negotiate the best rates, LIVE.
You benefit from the best market prices.

I intend to buy a vehicle in an American dealership, but I have some doubts about the condition of the vehicle, could you perform a quality control?

To check the condition of your vehicle before purchase, we have set up the EXPERTISE PACK. Our car experts will confirm that the vehicle meets, or not, the description of the ad.
It will be possible to survey the vehicle in under 72H everywhere in the USA. (Subject to geographic location)
You will receive a detailed report with photos via email.

How can I pay for my vehicle (or motorcycle) safely, without taking any risks?

We offer the TRANSACTION PACK specially designed to provide our customers with a guarantee of absolute security.
We pay the seller on your behalf via a certified check.
We have never experienced litigation on a transaction.

What services are included in the prices listed on your site?

Our packaged price of 1,390 Euros includes the full export service of your vehicle, namely:
– Reception in our warehouse,
– Taking pictures / videos,
– Inspection on request,
– Containment with security,
– Declaration to the American Customs,
– Sea transport from MIAMI to the Port of LeHavre (or others),
– Free Delivery of the vehicle to the freight forwarder.
This package at 1,390 Euros does not include the delivery costs to be paid to the forwarder, namely;
– 400 Euros per vehicle and 100 Euros per motorcycle.
For more information, please contact us.

Why do you ship by Miami? I noticed that you have a warehouse in NEW JERSEY

We do have a complete structure and team in New Jersey (NJ). Our clientele is predominantly African and Middle Eastern. Therefore, we do not offer consolidation of vehicles towards France or Europe from New Jersey. In addition, the maritime flow towards Europe is much more abundant from Miami, with a transit at sea of only 12 days for France. For these reasons, we consolidate our flow to Europe from the Miami warehouse.

What documents do I need to provide to transport a vehicle?

In theory, to export a vehicle from the US, you will simply need to provide the original registration document, called the “TITLE”, and a copy of your passport.
However, note that some states in the US do not have “TITLE” for vintage vehicles. (New York, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Maine, etc …)
In this case, we will be able to export your vehicle without its “TITLE”.
However, we will need the CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION.
If you do not have the “TITLE” or the “CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION”, please contact us so we can investigate alternative solutions.

By which means of payment can I pay for the transport of my vehicle?

For your convenience, we accept several payment methods;
– Check (American only)
– Cash (USD currency),
– Bank transfer,
– Western Union
– Money gram.
We also offer instant payment by credit card via the secure PAYPAL website.
All payments must be issued in AMERICAN DOLLARS.

I wish to transport auto parts or other goods. Is it possible?

We can organize customized “Door to Door” logistics for all goods, spare parts, furniture … from our warehouse to France.
On receipt of your goods within our premises, we will consolidate them on pallet if necessary for a shipping container.
For air shipments, we can consolidate your different cartons for a single shipment for example.
For more information, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated website : http://www.easyimportusa.com

Should insurance be taken out for container transport?

Marine insurance is optional but highly recommended.
The transport of your vehicle will take place under the best conditions. On the other hand, it is impossible to foresee a bad treatment with the loading of the container on the boat for example (or its unloading at the reception port).
Since the owner is responsible for his vehicle during transit, we encourage our customers to protect their investment.
In case of dispute, the insurance will cover 100% of all expenses for repairs.

What is the deadline to repatriate my car?

Once your vehicle is paid for to the seller, here are the timings:
– 24 / 48h to remove the vehicle.
– Repatriation of the vehicle from the seller to our warehouse: between 1 and 8 days. (1 day for local repatriation, 8 days for repatriation from the US West Coast)
– Vehicle loading in container: 48 / 72H
– Loading at the port + Shipping: 13 days
– Reception of the container at the forwarder with unloading: 24 / 48H
– Customs and provision: 12 / 24H

I wish to contact you, how do I do it?

We have a responsive customer service and available 5 / 7d by email.
We appreciate your “business” and for this we are committed to responding within 24 hours!
Our customer service is also at your service by phone. You can contact one of our representatives by email at contact@easyimportauto.com, or by phone at +1 305 570 3636.
Our customer service is at your disposal for any other question, you can contact one of our representatives by email at contact@easyimportauto.com, or by phone at +1 305 570 3636.



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