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Buying a used car in the USA: what you need to know

In the United States, the second-hand automobile market is a veritable gold mine, with unbeatable prices. But before you jump on the first used American car that catches your eye, we advise you to carry out all the necessary checks. If you don’t know where to start, follow the guide.

There are many reasons to buy a used car in the USA. First of all, it is the largest automobile market in the world, with an incomparable offering. But above all, the American second-hand market stands out for its very attractive prices. Indeed, across the Atlantic, vehicles are priced much more quickly given the volumes available.

All of this means that importing a second-hand vehicle from the United States to Europe can be very interesting financially, but you still need to know how to go about it. To get a good deal on the American automobile market, here are some tips.

Where to look to buy a used car in the USA?

To find the car of your dreams, the most effective solution is to browse American classified ads sites. But any…

With 18 years spent in the United States, Easy Import Auto knows what it is talking about. It has purchased thousands of cars since its inception, and can therefore distinguish reliable sellers from scammers. She provides you with her reference sites for purchasing a vehicle in the USA.

The best places to find a recent used car:

The top 3 sites for buying a used old car:

Note that private sellers generally display more attractive prices, but they offer fewer guarantees than professionals. It will therefore be necessary to carry out a complete appraisal of the vehicle before taking out the checkbook.

Seek professional help to buy a used car in the USA

Once you have identified one or more models corresponding to your criteria, we strongly recommend that you call on a professional for further operations. This is the guarantee of a purchase with complete peace of mind and secure transport to your home.

At Easy Import Auto for example, you can never be too careful. Before purchasing a vehicle, the company always requests a lot of photos from the seller. This allows him to ensure that it is really worth the trip.

Easy Import Auto also requires checking the Carfax history of each car it transports. It thus checks that it has not been the subject of theft, an accident, questionable repairs, etc.

If everything is in order, the company will carry out a complete inspection of the vehicle on site, in order to spare its customers any unpleasant surprises. This is why we recommend that you always use a professional based in the United States when buying a car in the American market.

With a partner like Easy Import Auto, you won’t even have to take care of the administrative part because the company takes care of it. She also manages the secure transaction with the seller after verifying that everything is in order. Believe us, this saves customers a lot of headaches.

By opting for Easy Import Auto, fans of beautiful American cars can count on total transparency from the company in relation to the invoice they will have to pay: the initial quote displays an all-inclusive price, with not a single additional euro to be paid. pay during the procedure.

The Easy Import Auto quote of course includes all stages of transport to Europe, but not only that. We can add the payment of various insurance and other customs duties, the FFVE (French Federation of Vintage Vehicles) file for collector’s models, or even the approval process for modern used cars.

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